MyKC is Keystone College's one-stop service for all of our admissions applicants, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

After logging into MyKC, you will have access to a number of resources specifically tailored for your needs. In addition, each of you will have access to My Pages where you can add your own bookmarks, calendar events, and other content. 


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Enter the User Name and Password that you use to sign on to the Keystone network.

To reset your password:

  • Students/Faculty/Staff - If you are not on a Keystone College computer right now, use this link to change the password you use to access Keystone College computing resources.  If you are using a College computer right now, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Change Password instead of using this link.  
  • Parents/Candidates - To change your MyKC password please login, click on Personal Info, and then click on and complete the information on the Password tab.
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